As a bride, you thrill over the tiny details that go into wedding planning. However, if you’re the bride’s maid of honor, the bachelorette party is your time to show off.

Here are a few bachelorette party ideas to throw the best party ever!

1. Plan The Perfect Pregame

Drinking and getting ready before the bachelorette party is usually a lot of fun. Have everyone come over to your place to get ready and pop open a nice glass of bubbly while you get ready. This is also the best time to whip out your matching bridesmaid robes and take the ultimate getting-ready Instagram pic.

2. Make Your Social Media Game Strong

Speaking of Instagram, you want to mark your special lady night by crafting a unique hashtag for all of your pictures. It will make it easier for you and your ladies to find all the pictures posted from your wild evening.

3. Go To a Fun Group Class

 Nothing bonds a group of girls likes sweating together as they attempt to learn some new skills. Choose a fun group class like a dance class or a pole-dancing class and put your muscles to work! You’ll be sure to share some laughs and have a good time. Then you can go out and treat yourselves to some delicious cocktails before the bachelorette party!

4. Have a Sleepover

This is the perfect plan to reminisce about old times and eat some ice cream and paint your nails as you watch your favorite bachelorette party movies.

5. Hire a Private Chef 

Nothing brings people together like great food. You can hire your own Personal Chef for dinner or cooking lessons, people will appreciate the break from being out and about and the opportunity to just be at home with friends enjoying each other’s company. If you like this bachelorette idea but want to make it a bit more extra, you can have a theme party at home for the occasion.

6.  Do Something Memorable

Whether you’re going out to the bar or on vacation somewhere, make sure you plan at least one act of rebellion for the bachelorette party. Go skinny dipping in your hotel pool, dance on the tables at a restaurant, get a tattoo, just go crazy. The bride is going to want at least one crazy memory of her single days to carry with her into her marriage and the story will be something you and your girlfriends will reminisce on and bond over for life

 7. Go Sky-Diving or Bungee Jumping

Getting married requires a leap of faith and what better way to prepare the bride before for her big day than by taking her to new heights. You’ll be sure to remember this day forever! 

8. Go To a Concert

Surprise the bride by taking her to see her favorite band play. Dance and sing to the beat of the music!

9. Karaoke Party!

Nothing says letting loose like screaming and singing along to your all-time favorite songs. You can set this up at home or rent a karaoke room for the night! 

10. Rent a Limo

Rent a limo for a day and go around town to all your favorite places. Hit the nail salon or go for brunch and mimosas

11. Make it Personal

Girls typically start planning their weddings from a very young age. This usually means the bride isn’t completely clueless as to how she wants to celebrate her bachelorette party. Make sure your plans for your friend’s bachelorette actually include ideas she would enjoy. If she’s more into casual evenings with friends or chill plans (spa day!), don’t plan a wild night out on the town. It’s always important to check in with the bride-to-be to make sure that your plans are matching up with hers and to encourage her to let you know what ideas really excite her and what things she’d maybe rather leave out.

12. Go On a Roadtrip!

If the bride is adventurous, there’s nothing that says adventure quite like a road trip. Get the bride’s tribe on board and go on a short road trip together. Blast your favorite songs and take the bride to some beautiful secret spots. Don’t forget to bring your camera so that you can show them on the day of the wedding!

 Go all-in for the perfect bachelorette party

Why not go all in, we only get married once, or twice or ?. Go to vacation rental sites and find a unique property, definitely with a pool because of the heat, here in Arizona. Fill the bar and hire a Personal Chef to take care of all your meals for the weekend and just relax and have fun!